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Support Services and Service Contracts


Computers have become such a vital part of doing business today we often take for granted that they will always work. Like all other machines we use, computers need regular service and even when properly maintained, can still break. Then what? You could spend hours and hours on the phone with technical support talking, or just call Computing Technologies. You can rest assured that your systems will be repaired, updated, and back in production in a timely fashion.

Service Options

Bench Repair

You may drop off and pick up systems at our facilities in New Albany, MS. This is the most cost effective means of repairing or upgrading your laptop or PC.

On-Site Repair

If you don’t need the hassle of unhooking and moving a system or a system is too big to easily move, we can come to you and fix it right there. This is especially helpful when it is not practical to move a large printer or server.

Network Service

We can also install, maintain, and repair your networks no matter how large or small. We stock a wide variety of common networking products to ensure that we can repair your network as quickly as possible.

Remote Support

Computing Technologies can maintain a vigilant watch over your network, servers, and workstations remotely to head off problems before they create down time.

Service Contracts (Commercial or Individual)

Nobody knows when your computer system or printers are going to need to be repaired. One of the worst feelings in the world is having a vital piece of equipment fail just when you have no room in your budget to replace it. Computing Technologies offers you a way to reduce your computer service bills to a fixed monthly expense that you can include in your budget. If you’re computer fails, we will come on-site to fix it in a timely manner, and will ensure that your computers have the latest anti-virus, anti-spyware, and operating system updates. At Computing Technologies we draft a custom plan for you depending on your business size and needs. We offer service contracts on a monthly or annual basis (save one month by paying annually).