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Servers, Firewalls, & Security


Computing Technologies has dedicated network engineers and technicians to serve your security and server needs. We can evaluate your business and recommend the best solution to maximize office productivity, data integrity, disaster recovery, and security. We can setup many different types of servers based on your business needs, including domain controllers, terminal servers, file servers, web and email servers, print servers, and firewall servers. Contact us today to discuss your business needs.


Most businesses place great emphasis on their data and maintaining the integrity of that data. A server in your office gives you several features that can make certain your data is well taken care of. A server can give you a single point to back up from instead of having your data scattered over several systems, allow data mirroring and fail over (Having the data written to two hard drives instead of one and allowing the backup drive to take over in case the primary drive fails), and increase security on important data, which is much easier to implement from a server. No matter what platform you choose (Windows, Novell, or Linux), Computing Technologies can configure the right hardware, software, and security to accomplish your IT goals.


How secure is your network? Firewalls give a layer of protection between your important data and the Internet. Many industries such as medical practices are required by law to protect themselves with a firewall. Firewalls also help to prevent many worms and Trojan viruses from entering your network. Content filtering and Internet access restriction is also a function that can be performed from a firewall. Computing Technologies can evaluate your needs and recommend the right firewall with the correct features to secure your network and important data.


Today, more than ever, criminals target the information systems in companies to steal information such as social security numbers, credit card information, or other personal information that could be used for illegal gain. Securing your important information and the information you receive from your customers is imperative in the world we live in. Computing Technologies can assist you in this regard by performing a comprehensive security audit. As an independent company we can give you an unbiased look at your existing security measures and point out the vulnerabilities that may exist.