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Networking Services


Networks come in many shapes, sizes, and configurations depending on the requirements of your office. Computing Technologies can install, configure, secure, and maintain many different types of networks. We can evaluate your networking needs and make recommendations for the best networking infrastructure for your business.

Common Types of Networks

Small (Peer to Peer)

Usually a group of less than ten PC’s in an office sharing files, printers and/or an Internet connection.

Medium (Office)

Typically an installation with three or more systems in one location logging into a secure file server. These systems are also sharing files, printers and/or an Internet connection.

Large (Plant)

Generally a larger facility covering an area used for manufacturing or distribution. Often times these installations include twenty or more workstations, segments of fiber optic cable, and may include wireless access points and more than one server. Most often in this type of an installation, Internet access control and wireless security are required.

Extra Large

Multi-Facility, Mutli-Domain – These networks include multiple sites, often times in multiple states, and are linked together through their firewalls by VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks) which allow these separate networks to act as one. File, printer, and Internet sharing, as well as VOIP (voice over IP) phone systems are found in these installations. Usually these networks configure their security by domains. Domain Trusts allow information to be shared between facilities.

Secure Wireless

Within most facilitates there may become a need to have users that are able to move about with their equipment (Handheld scanners, laptops, etc). Covering these areas with secure network access can be difficult at best. Computing Technologies offers wireless site surveys, configuration and installation on access points to give you the coverage and security you need.

Remote Access

Often times when people are on the road, they wish to remotely access data in their office. Computing Technologies can prepare a secure portal through your firewall to allow authorized users access to information they need in real time.

Computing Technologies is well versed in the installation, configuration and support of all these types of networks and many more. Whatever your needs in secure, reliable networking, we can assist you.